The Best RV Navigation Systems for 2024: Features and Prices


As an RV enthusiast, I know firsthand the importance of a reliable navigation system during our travels. Over the years, the evolution of RV navigation technology has been phenomenal, making road trips smoother and more enjoyable. Let’s dive into the world of RV GPS systems, exploring the latest tech designed for 2024.

Understanding RV Navigation Systems

What exactly are RV navigation systems, and how do they differ from your typical car GPS? Well, these devices are specially designed for the needs of RVs, offering features like route customization based on the size and weight of your vehicle. This means no more worrying about winding up on a road that’s too narrow or a bridge that can’t handle your rig’s weight.

Top RV Navigation Systems for 2024

This year, we’ve seen some impressive RV navigation systems hit the market. These gadgets not only help plot your course but also enhance your traveling experience with advanced tech features. Here’s a list of the top-rated RV GPS systems for 2024, each offering unique features and technological advancements to cater to the modern traveler.

Detailed Review of Selected Top Models

Garmin RV 795

The Garmin RV 795 is a feature-packed navigator designed specifically for RV enthusiasts. It boasts a large 7-inch touchscreen display that offers vivid, high-resolution views, facilitating easy navigation and clear viewing of the route ahead. This device provides custom routing options based on the size and weight of your RV, ensuring a safe and optimized travel path. Additionally, it includes BirdsEye Direct Satellite Imagery, giving you a detailed aerial view of your surroundings, particularly helpful when approaching your campground or RV park.

The RV 795 is equipped with detailed North American maps, with updates included to keep you on the right track. It also offers road warnings, including alerts for steep grades, sharp curves, and more, enhancing your driving safety. For trip planning, it features a preloaded directory of campgrounds, RV parks, and services, along with Tripadvisor traveler ratings to help you choose the best spots.

Connectivity features are robust, with Bluetooth® for hands-free calling and smart notifications when paired with the Garmin Drive app. This app integration extends to live traffic updates, weather forecasts, and even fuel prices, making it a comprehensive travel companion. The device also supports accessories like the BC™ 50 backup camera and the Garmin PowerSwitch™ for additional convenience and safety on the road.

Garmin RV 895

The Garmin RV 895 GPS navigator is designed for the unique needs of RV travel. It features a large 8-inch touchscreen that offers a bright, high-resolution display and can be viewed in both landscape and portrait orientations. This navigator is equipped with custom routing that takes into account the size and weight of your RV, ensuring safer and more efficient travel routes. It also includes vivid BirdsEye Direct Satellite Imagery for a clearer view of your surroundings, aiding in smooth arrivals at campsites and RV parks.

Additional key features include road warnings for potential hazards such as steep grades and sharp curves, and a preloaded directory of RV parks, campgrounds, and services, complemented by Tripadvisor traveler ratings. The RV 895 is capable of receiving real-time traffic updates, weather forecasts, and fuel prices when paired with the Garmin Drive app. For convenience, it supports hands-free calling and smart notifications, allowing drivers to stay focused on the road.

This device also integrates well with other Garmin products, like backup cameras and the Garmin PowerSwitch digital switch box, enhancing safety and control over your vehicle’s electronics. The RV 895’s robust navigation and travel features make it an essential tool for any RV enthusiast looking to explore with confidence and ease.

Garmin RV 1095

The Garmin RV 895 is a versatile 10-inch RV navigator tailored for the unique needs of RV travel. This device offers custom routing based on the specific dimensions and weight of your RV, ensuring safe and efficient travel paths. With a price tag of $899.99, it boasts a large, bright touchscreen display that can be used in both landscape and portrait modes, providing clear and detailed views of maps and routes across North America.

Key features include BirdsEye Direct Satellite Imagery for a clear overhead view of your destination, making it easier to navigate to RV parks and campgrounds. The navigator also comes equipped with road warnings to alert drivers to steep grades, sharp curves, and weight limits, enhancing safety during travel.

Additionally, the RV 895 offers a comprehensive directory of RV parks, services, and TripAdvisor traveler ratings to help plan stops effectively. It supports easy trip planning with the ability to import and share routes via the Garmin Drive app. Other notable features include wireless updates, live traffic and weather forecasts, hands-free calling, and compatibility with backup cameras for increased visibility and safety on the road.

Comparison and Buyer’s Guide

When comparing these models, consider what’s most important for your RV lifestyle. Are you looking for ease of use, the most accurate navigation, or maybe the best connectivity? Whatever your needs, there’s a perfect navigation system out there for you.

Pricing and Availability

Garmin RV 795 Pricing Options

The Garmin RV 795 is available in several configurations, each tailored to different needs and preferences, with pricing as follows:

  • 7″ Display: Priced at $449.99, this model offers a large, clear touchscreen ideal for standard navigation and feature access.
  • 7″ Display with Built-in Dash Cam: For $599.99, this version includes all the features of the standard 7″ model but adds a built-in dash cam, enhancing safety and providing video recording capabilities.

Garmin RV 895 Pricing Options

The Garmin RV 895 is priced at $599.99 for the model featuring the 8-inch display. This pricing reflects the comprehensive navigation technology and specialized features designed for RV travel, ensuring value for travelers seeking a reliable and feature-rich GPS navigator.

Garmin RV 1095 Pricing Options

The Garmin RV 795 is available in several configurations, each tailored to different needs and preferences, with pricing as follows:

Installation and Setup Tips

Setting up your new RV navigation system can be straightforward. Most models come with a user manual that includes installation instructions. If you run into any snags, customer support or online forums are great resources for troubleshooting tips.


Choosing the right RV navigation system can revolutionize your travel experience, making every journey smoother and more enjoyable. Investing in a reliable system is key to ensuring safe and enjoyable travels across the country.

By keeping these FAQs in mind, you’ll be better equipped to choose the perfect navigation system for your RV adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, while they are optimized for RVs, many systems can be adjusted for use in any large vehicle.

Most top models offer free map updates, but it’s best to confirm this feature before purchasing.

Updates are typically done via WiFi or by connecting the device to a computer. Instructions will be detailed in the user manual.

Yes, most modern RV navigation systems include real-time traffic capabilities and will suggest alternative routes to avoid delays.

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